You Netflix Star Shares 5 Natural Hair Care Tips

Shalita Grant, the actress who played SHERRY in Season 3 of NETFLIX’s hit YOU, lives a double life! Not only is she a Tony-nominated actress who’s played some of TV’s most beloved characters, but she’s also the founder and CEO of Four Naturals Hair.

Shalita created the patent-pending Four Naturals Treatment because, as a black actress, her hair is part of her job – but due to the constant manipulation, hair damage was always inevitable.  She wanted to heal, restore and fully protect her own hair and not rely on wigs exclusively to create new characters. Now three years later, her characters can be natural hair #queens with long heat-styled hair or fabulous coils, making her characters truly versatile, and best of all, her hair stays consistently healthy through it all! 

If you had SHERRY-hair envy while watching YOU, and want to come out of the extensions-to-wigs-to-braids-to-big-chop cycle, read on for her natural hair care tips:

Treat Yourself Right

Part of most #washdays include a treatment of some sort: deep conditioner, hot oil, or some homemade mayonnaise/avocado/something. But it’s common not to see any significant or sustained difference in how your hair looks or reacts after hours of the ‘treatment’ on your head. That is the definition of time wasted. With natural hair – Ingredients Matter – nothing matters more than the ingredients' electrical charge and function. Remember from science class that opposites attract? Well, the hair on your head has a negative charge, so only ingredients that are high in positive charge have the ability to adhere to the strands. And if you want the lasting benefits of this treatment, it should be able to make your hair feel the same way it feels when it’s on your hair after it’s been rinsed. Very few natural ingredients do that.

But HennaCassia Obavata, and slippery elm do! Add the Four Naturals patent-pending and plant-based treatment to your hair care regimen and enjoy the benefits of henna treatments and cassia and slippery elm deep conditioner give actress Shalita Grant: Shiny hair, stronger and more effortless curl definition, strong and more elastic hair, length retention and heat damage protection and repair!

Detangle Like A Diva

Detangling natural hair is known to come with pain but it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’re used to your detangling session ending with clumps of hair on the side of the tub or painful red scalp – you need to change your method! Pain is not gain when it comes to detangling. Adopting the patent-pending Four Naturals detangling method will improve your life because it makes detangling fast, thorough, pain-free and you shed and break so much less! Because this method was designed to interrupt the detangling issues that exclusively affect people with Type 4 hair – it’s kind of like ‘couture’ for naturals, lol. It’s 4 easy steps and is more about unlearning bad detangling habits and best of all – it’s inexpensive. Learn more here

Lock In Moisture

Dry hair is fragile and moisturized hair is strong, why is that? Because when it comes to strands of anything, including steel, it’s vital for them to be able to be incredibly flexible to prevent snapping a part. This is why detangling dry natural hair means more strands on the floor and in your hands than wet hair surrounded by ‘slip’ or a slick moisture barrier.  But how do you lock in moisture after you detangle? You must “seal” it in. You can do this easily and using natural ingredients like castor oil.  Castor oil gets a bad wrap for being greasy, but when applied at the right time and before and after certain ingredients, castor oil can be a major aid in consistent natural hair moisture and shine – with no residue. The rule with castor oil is it seals what ever is on it first. So after your cleanse and condition, use leave in conditioner – designed to keep dry hair moisturized or flexible, and then add a dime sized amount of castor oil right after. The castor oil will seal in the leave in conditioner and shine and act as a barrier to the out side world.

Adopt An Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Indian people have a great hair reputation: Indian women are known to have the shiniest thickest heads of hair. But this is also partly due to Ayurvedic values at the core of the hair care culture in India. Ayurvedic medicine and practices heal the root causes of human maladies. So for hair, that looks like treating chronic issues like dryness, scalp flakiness, growth plateaus or shedding and breakage. To heal these issues that means you have to balance porosity and rid the scalp of microbes that cause scalp dryness but most of what is on offer for afro-textured hair care are band-aids and wastes of time. Henna and Cassia obovata are both plants that when dried and turned into powder can protect, restore and heal damaged heads of hair and scalps.  Besides, don’t you want more nature in your natural hair routine?

Reveal Your Secret Magic

The Before and After photos of the Four Naturals Treatment are missing one thing: The shock when these women realized how beautiful their curls were. And now, with the Four Naturals Treatment, after every wash they’ll see those curls after simply detangling with leave in (castor oil to seal) and gel! And, because Shalita Grant had a regular Four Naturals Treatment routine while wearing her hair heat-straightened as Sherry in the Netflix hit, after 6 months of flat ironing, adding clip ins, creating pony-tails, smearing her hair with fake blood and water to create distressed hair – She left that show with two more inches of growth and retention than she started with. That’s incredible because it’s usually the other way around on a Hollywood set with that much stress on the hair!

And she credits it all to her Four Naturals Treatment routine!

Check out more about this life-changing treatment and watch some of our testimonials here.