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Host, Salisha Thomas sits down with Actress turned Businesswoman Shalita Grant on this week’s episode of Black Hair in the Big Leagues.

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The Hair Game Podcast

Hair color and Henna?! We cover all of the myths and misunderstandings of mixing Henna and Hair color as well as the connection between Four Naturals and the host!

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Part 2

Website - Deeply Rooted
We dive deep in part One and Two with Dr Cratissa! Shalita talks about childhood hair and navigating predominantly white schools, Hollywood hair, and of course, The Four Naturals Treatment. Be sure to snag HUGE treatment discounts by going to the description and using her unique podcast discount codes!

Natural Hair Education Podcast - Founder, Shalita Grant, speaks with host Corinthian Carouthers II, Licensed Beauty Educator, Natural Hair Culturist & Beauty School owner, about the genesis of Four Naturals Hair, Vacationing with the Four Naturals treatment and so much more!

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TalkinPink Podcast - Get the wig out of your bedroom with the Four Naturals Treatment! Listen to this candid conversation with Founder, Shalita Grant, and hosts Kita and Rachel. Shalita speaks about all the personal and professional barriers the Four Naturals Treatment breaks - including in the bedroom.

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Kinky In The Kitchen Podcast - Founder, Shalita Grant talks breaking the "cycle of the big chop" with the Four Naturals Treatment. Host, Lisa E and Shalita delve into the early days of Shalita's life, the twists and turns of her career and of course all things Four Naturals. Get kinky with it!

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