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Black Women are seeking healthier lifestyles. As a result, black women are fully embracing their natural hair and unapologetically embracing their stylized, natural self. Black women are embracing their natural selves, today roughly 40% of black women are Chemical and Heat-free, 33% Natural w/ Heat and 27% are Seeking Alternatives / Protective Styles. And when it comes to products, 70% of Black women say they prefer to read ingredient labels in haircare products so they can avoid certain chemicals.  Black women are investing heavily in products and are developing personalized routines with multifunctional products learning how to better care for and style their natural hair on their own and turn to haircare maintenance systems rather than salon services. And because 43% of black women use haircare products at home, there should be a hair care system that meets their every need: natural ingredients, that make everyday hair care easy, predictable, and pain and breakage-free.

You have that in the Four Naturals Treatment, all that and so much more!

Patent-Pending Detangling Method and Ayurvedic Active Ingredient


We all agree that curls are different from straight hair but we don’t think or care for our hair as if that’s true. And institutions like the cosmetology board contribute to that cognitive dissonance. Hair schools teach from a “hair is hair” philosophy and then proceed to pass out mannequins with straight hair and have future cosmetologists test every hair skill exclusively on straight hair mannequins – even chemical processes like the relaxer which was designed for textured hair. This is the definition of erasure and is the sole reason why hair care for black women is so difficult and why we have such horrific and demoralizing experiences in professional haircare chairs. Licensed cosmetologists haven’t been taught textured hair care and most of their perceptions of black hair are heavily influenced by generations of negative stereotypes, negative hair experiences with clients (which are solely due to their lack of experience and expertise but are often blamed on stereotypes about black women as people and as customers), years of anecdotal stories from other stylists, and implicit bias.

Four Naturals Hair developed a patent-pending detangling technique to fill this cavernous gap. It’s easy, 4 steps and guarantees the most efficient, dramatically reduced breakage and tear-free clumpy detangled curls!

There is a solution to all of these natural hair care struggles, and this ayurvedic answer has been used by the people of India for centuries.

It’s henna, a plant, which when dried, crushed and mixed with something as simple as water, has the power to transform your hair to the best condition possible.


Henna, has been used for centuries for ayurvedic purposes in India. In the Indian community, it is customary on the weekend for the family to create a bowl of henna mud masque, each family member gets their hair treated with the hair herb masque and, as a result, enjoy thicker, more robust, shinier healthy strands. And every Indian family has their own henn mud masque recipe, adding other ayurvedic ingredients and humectants needed. So Indian hair isn’t shiny thick and strong just because of DNA alone, their ancient ayurvedic hair care practices are truly responsible.

Meet a Four Naturals Treatment user who has exerienced the benefits of adding a henna mud masque treatment to her hair care regimen. Solving issues that have plaqued her her whole life – after the first treatment.


Life Changing Results


A picture is worth a thousand words.













“At the end of each treatment I’m always SHOOK by the strength, shine, bounce

and beauty of my hair.This process is absolutely one of the best things I’ve done for myself, and now that all this Glory is growing out of my head you REALLY CAN’T TELL ME NOTHING haha!”

  • Lauryn


Lauryn had been natural for years but struggled with basic maintenance, excessive

shedding and a year long growth plateau. Her life long history with her hair was a cycle of growth then she’d make one change chemical process, hair cut, heat style then she’d suffer irreversible hair damage and then would cut it after many attempts to revive her locks. After one Four Naturals Treatment she end that cycle, and after three she had a completely new lease on her hair life!


Before the Four Naturals Treatment her hair was excessively dry and she struggled with how to moisturize her hair. Very few products worked and her porosity was so low water rolled off her strands instead of being absorbed. When she touched her hair she would lose dozens of strands. Because of this, she would only finger-detangle, thinking this was the best solution to her excessive shedding. Lauryn’s 4C hair exhibited zero curl pattern unmanipulated. Instead, her fragile strands dried in a stiff afro puff.


After her first treatment, all of Lauryn’s problems were solved. After only one

treatment Lauryn received: Instant and permanent curl definition, noticeably

shinier hair, softer hair and immediately noticeable decreased shedding.


The benefits she noticed week to week were: Balanced porosity, i.e the ability for

her hair to absorb moisture, moisture retention, reduced shedding, increased curl definition, thin/thinning hair, length retention, dramatically increased efficacy of hair products, shorter at-home wash days, and healthy weighted Type 4 curls. The Four naturals Treatment can also revive up to 80% of heat damaged curls.




While it is normal to lose up to 100 strands per day, Type 4 hair is notorious for

excessive shedding and breakage. Henna, the ancient active ingredient in the Henna Mud Mask, reduces hair fallout and stops irritating scalp conditions like inflammation and itching. This treatment also contains fenugreek, slippery elm, and cassia obovata,

all beneficial for strengthening strands, reducing shedding, and improving scalp



Cassia Obovata, the active ingredient in our Deep Conditioning treatment is

harvested for use in hair, and grown in Egypt and Nubia. It is the ultimate natural

treatment for damaged hair: restructures hair, enhances shine, volumizes, and

causes the hair to retain moisture, whether it’s chemically treated or not. Cassia

treats hair without leaving any hint of color.


Here is where our use of Henna is transforms the life of Type 4 hair. Naturally,

Henna is able to penetrate the strands and binds to the keratin in the hair, making it

stronger. The dye deposit fills gaps in the cuticle of the hair shaft which strengthens

the strand and makes the hair heavier – giving it “weight”. With the keratin in the

hair fortified and the cuticles smoothed, the natural curl pattern is revealed and

released. Permanently.


Four Simple Treatment Steps

  1. Pre Shampoo & Detangle
  2. Gather: Clips, Plastic Cape/Towel, Water, Olive Oil, Conditioner, Tangle TamerTM, Shampoo
  • Completely wet your hair & Divide your hair into six (6) sections
  • Apply conditioner and olive oil thoroughly to each section
  • Detangle with the Tangle TamerTM
  • Apply sulfate free Shampoo
  • Rinse hair thoroughly
  1. Apply Henna Mud Masque
  2. Gather: Clips, Bowl, Plastic Cap/Towel, Coconut Oil, Gloves, Spray Bottle of Water, Henna Mud Masque, Paper Towels, Plastic Wrap, Cloth Headwrap or Bonnet
  • Ensure your hair is wet
  • Apply coconut oil around your hairline and on ears
  • Mix Henna Mud Masque together with ½ – 1 cup of warm water in bowl
  • Put on gloves and beginning at nape of your neck thoroughly apply mixture – from end to root – hair must remain wet during application of the henna mixture
  • Cover hair with plastic cap
  • Place paper towel around nape of the neck to prevent leakage
  • Secure paper towel with plastic wrap
  • Cover head with wrap or bonnet
  • Leave Henna Mud Masque in hair for 2-10 hours
  • Shampoo hair thoroughly and rinse
  1. Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • You MUSTuse a deep conditioner after the Henna Mud Masque
  • Apply Four Naturals Cassia Deep Conditioner, or your favorite conditioner
  • Rinse
  1. Wash n Go
  • Gather: Leave-in Conditioner, Castor Oil, Gel, Tangle TamerTM, Clips
  • Divide hair into six (6) sections
  • Thoroughly apply leave-in conditioner
  • Apply Castor oil
  • Detangle with Tangle TamerTM
  • Apply gel
  • Use Tangle TamerTM once more
  • Style hair

Dry & Enjoy!


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