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Designed to Care For Type 4 Hair

Initially, the Patent-Pending Four Naturals Treatment was a hair salon treatment that used ancient plant-based ingredients and practices from India and North Africa designed exclusively to care for and improve Type 4 hair. Currently, the Four Naturals Salon Treatment has been redesigned for at-home use, healing the many care issues for Type 4 hair. As a result, the Four Naturals Treatment will be your new staple in your hair care regimen and hair care freedom.


Because we centered the real-life experience and challenges of caring for Afro or textured hair, Four Naturals creates manageable, improved and luscious Type 4 curls. The Four Naturals Treatment will give every woman, man, and child with textured or Afro hair the experience that comes with the everyday freedoms of having healthy, resilient hair.


Welcome to Four Naturals Hair! The experts in Type 4 hair care. Four Naturals Hair seeks to heal, educate, and improve Black women and mothers’ relationship with their textured natural hair. We strive to grow our business with the same attention and care we used to create this patent-pending life-giving plant-based treatment.


The goal with Four Naturals Hair is to be the go-to haircare staple for every woman, man, and child with afro-textured hair – no matter if they are natural or chemically-treated.

How it works


Your New Hair Care Regimen

Would you believe that regularly using two plant-based products and mastering four steps would take your textured hair journey from drab and discouraging to fab and flourishing? Well, believe it! The Four Naturals Methods, patent-pending mud masque, and Cassia deep conditioner will free you from the tyranny of caring for textured hair.


The Education Four Naturals Hair aims to help users “unlearn” generational practices of bad habits and insufficient textured hair care knowledge. Our blogs and short videos were designed to support you in caring for your hair at home.


An Ayurvedic treatment that enhances natural hair.


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