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The Patent-Pending Four Naturals Treatment is designed to improve the condition of Type 4 or afro-textured hair with plant-based Ayurvedic ingredients henna, cassia obovata, and slippery elm. Finally, a natural salon-grade treatment that can:

Permanent curl definition
Make hair softer, more manageable, and “trainable.”
Smooths hair cuticle
Balances porosity
Decreases shedding
Reverse up to 80% heat damage (after three treatments)
Weighted strands (this gives the hair the ability to move and hang when dry)
And more!

I would not recommend using the Four Naturals Mud Masque or Cassia Deep conditioner for people with locs. The Mud Masque contains pulverized plants and coffee, which will be almost impossible to rinse out of locs completely. And both the Mud Masque and Cassia Deep Conditioner adhere to the strands, making them thicker and heavier, which can cause strain on the scalp if your hair is loc’d. This strain on the scalp can cause breakage, hair loss and exacerbate any balding that was already happening.

Yes! Many Four Naturals clients have happily reported adequate to fantastic grey coverage. The more you treat, the deeper the color gets, saving you time and money at the salon!

Unfortunately, the Four Naturals Hair Spa is closed indefinitely. As a result, Four Naturals Hair no longer offers in-person Four Naturals Treatment services. However, now that the Four Naturals products are in manufacturing, we will eventually be in a natural salon near you!

The Patent-Pending Four Naturals Henna Mud Masque is a perfect addition for our Type 3 Curlfriends as well as 2 and 1! The active ingredient, henna, has been used for centuries for ayurvedic purposes in India. In the Indian community, it is customary for the family to create a bowl of henna mud masque, each family adding its combination of other ayurvedic herbs and humectants. And each family member treats their hair with the hair herb masque and, as a result, enjoys thicker, more robust, shinier healthy strands. The cuticles are smoothed due to the hair binding capabilities of the henna plant. It creates a coat of arms around the strand making the most ragged of hair cuticles smooth and shiny after a two-hour processing time. So, no matter the shape of your hair, the henna is designed to encourage the best version of that pattern from zig zag to bone straight.

But if due to your hair color or hair lifestyle, the henna mud masque is not an excellent fit for you, the Cassia Deep Conditioner will be! If you color-treat your hair, blow-dry regularly, or have limp lackluster strands, the cassia obovata and slippery elm powered conditioner will improve your strands. Many users have reported shinier, healthier hair after just one use. In addition, users who have added the conditioner to their hair care regimen say they have stronger and overall improved hair.

Yes, the mud masque can be great for chemically processed hair. Many chemical treatments pulverize the cuticle and break keratin and hydrogen bonds within the cortex, causing the hair to become thin, ragged, fragile, and eventually break. The henna in the Patent-Pending Four Naturals Henna Mud Masque binds around those weak strands, reviving and strengthening them. Many users with chemically treated hair have reported stronger strands after adding the treatment to their hair care regimen.

While the Four Naturals Treatment can not and will not cause your hair to grow, it can help you retain what you grow naturally and improve the condition of the hair you have. For people with alopecia or medical conditions that cause the hair to be fragile and prone to breakage, the Four Naturals Treatment can do two things to help improve your life.

  1. Improved condition of hair means camouflage possibilities. With alopecia, your hair loss can happen anywhere. However, when the condition of your Type 4 (or 3) hair is improved and your curls hang, you can camouflage hair loss. Like this Curlfriend:

  2. Strengthen Weak Strands. If you’re used to hair breakage and have fragile strands, adapting the Four Naturals methodsAND the Four Naturals Treatment will be vital! The Detangling method is designed to combat unnecessary breakage and shedding while detangling (just WDOT!). The Henna Mud Masque and Cassia Deep Conditioner add needed moisture and strength to the weakest of strands!

After seeing just one before/after photo, the differences are significant. The hair appears more moisturized, shinier, the curls are all defined and in a lot of cases, the curls appear lengthened. Most people, upon seeing the photos assume that the curls are a result of a twist out or the hair was significantly manipulated to make those curls. Or that it is a “style” that will “wash out”. This is far from the truth. The resulting curls you see are unmanipulated and permanent. The Henna Mud Masque is what makes their hair healthier, more manageable and willing to curl and clump in its natural pattern. In the After photos the only products on the hair are leave-in conditioner, castor oil and gel-no specific brand; in fact, most of the products could be purchased at your local drug store. Adding the treatment to your hair care regimen makes your hair so healthy that it becomes, what we like to call: product agnostic. You no longer have to have a commitment to one product over another because the condition of your hair has improved enough that most products work as advertised.

And the curls – they’re all separated and perfect! The curl perfection was not a twist out, it is due to the patent-pending Four Naturals detangling method. When you have textured or curly hair, detangled hair equals curls! The only detangling brush we recommend is the Tangle Tamer Plugged In (Sally’s Beauty, $7); this brush detangles efficiently and painlessly and can detangle and train curls. That’s right; the Henna Mud Masque treatment makes your hair trainable. Now that the hair is healthy and ready to curl, the strands have to be organized into their curls. We have several videos on how to master this simple hair principle, but after one treatment, you’ll see and feel the difference and your new hair possibilities! The curls you see on the models in the photos are genuinely their own. They’re unique and beautiful!

Softer hair and softer hair is trainable!

For most people with Type 4 hair, dryness, shedding, heat-damaged strands, and fragile splitting ends are the bane of our hair’s existence. We also crave “weighted” hair, hair that doesn’t dry in an indiscernible puff, or the freedom to use a wider variety of products – and they work consistently on our hair. The Four Naturals Treatment makes all of these desires possible and sets you free from the burden.

Henna is a plant. And plants love water! The special benefit of henna is it’s ability to stick the surfaces of a hair cuticle. You have hard dry hair because the first layer of your hair, the cuticle, is not healthy. It may be what is called low or high porosity. Henna attaches itself in a layer on top of the cuticle during the processing time, which neutralizes the issue. A balanced porosity means a better response to water overall and better moisture retention.

First lets start with your last question: What is a hair “type”? Very simply, hair type refers to the shape or pattern of the hair strand. The hair typing system we are refering to is based on The Hair Chart created by Andre Walker. In the The Hair Chart system there are 4 universal hair types or hair pattern/shapes: Type 1 Straight, Type 2 Wavy, Type 3 Curly, Type 4 Zig Zag or Coily. Type refers to hair pattern and hair pattern alone. Not texture or density. Have you read our Hair Glossary blog or Watched our Hair Glossary Video?

Clients who have reported a lack of curl pattern before the treatment were wowed by what one treatment revealed. Also, products that didn’t “do anything” for their hair before the treatment are now some of their favorites. After one treatment, there is no longer a need to be a #productjunkie and the old hair emergencies that could ruin a day, a week or a vacation like packing the wrong products, failed twist-outs or rain are a thing of the past. Speaking of rain, after a Four Naturals treatment, you no longer have to fear water. It’s now you’re best friend! Your hair’s response to water will be to curl, hang, and not harden and puff. As a result, you enjoy soft, manageable hair. And now, your longest “wash day” is at the salon!

While the Patent-Pending Four Naturals Henna Mud Masque can be a hair hero, it is not for everyone. Beyond dreadlocs, The Henna Mud Masque is not a good fit for you if:

Henna naturally releases color and our mud masque is mixed with indigo tending the color a brown. Unless you are open to an alteration in your hair color, we do not recommend the Henna Mud Masque. But the Cassia Deep Condtioner would be perfect for your haircare regimen. You don’t like the idea of a treatment with hair color/tint capabilities.

As stated earlier, henna naturally releases color. This is perfect for people with darker hair as it adds a shiny gloss, and people with dark hair and grey’s. However, if you don’t like the idea of hair color this isn’t for you.

What is density? Density is the amount of hair strands per square inch of scalp. If you have short, low density hair, you may not like the resulting look because it’ll create curl clumping which will make large gaps appear even larger. We have blogs and videos on hair glossary terms and treating low density scalp

Hi Curlfriend! Our $40 Cassia Deep Conditioner and $125 patent pending Henna Mud Masque are on sale at Get discount code when you join our email list at

Hey CurlFriend! Unfortunately we do not at this moment but we look forward to shipping internationally in the near future. Please join our email list and our facebook page to stay updated!

Hey CurlFriend! This is an ongoing treatment but when you reach the desired porosity of your hair you may want to reduce how many times you treat it. Remember your hair grows and you want to be able to treat your new growth.

As often as you like! Some customers do the treatment monthly and some every 3 months depending on hair growth

If your hair is lighter than a medium brown, you will notice the henna will dye your hair. Try the treatment and see what color your hair is and then go from there. You can email us anytime at

The copy cat of the conditioner is definitely a great substitute. And depending on the amount of cassia used could be a sort of “pick me up” treatment between henna treatments

This is normal, but no worries! It looks this way because of the consistency of the Masque and how it is put in the jar from processing. Was the jar in brown paper like packaging? If so, you can feel safe using it.

Below is a picture of a new jar that has not been used and as you can see, it looks like some is missing as well.

We know that there is no seal, this was due to the glass jar and caps that were available during the pandemic. The formula for the Mud Masque has a natural preservative so it’s not in danger of going bad. Also, our products went from the manufacturer to the fulfillment center, so no one has used the products before you.

You may also check this video of our Founder and CEO, Shalita, blending her Henna Mud Masque. You may use this as a reference for a quicker way to get the consistency right.


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