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6 benefits for Natural Hair Woes


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Hey Naturalista! Got chronically dry hair? Curl definition feel elusive? Is your washday a marathon that ends with handfuls of shed and broken strands?

There is a solution to all of these natural hair care struggles, and this ayurvedic answer has been used by the people of India for centuries.

It’s henna, a plant, which when dried, crushed and mixed with something as simple as water, has the power to transform your hair to the best condition possible.

Henna, has been used for centuries for ayurvedic purposes in India. In the Indian community, it is customary on the weekend for the family to create a bowl of henna mud masque, each family member gets their hair treated with the hair herb masque and, as a result, enjoy thicker, more robust, shinier healthy strands. And every Indian family has their own henn mud masque recipe, adding other ayurvedic ingredients and humectants needed. So Indian hair isn’t shiny thick and strong just because of DNA alone, their ancient ayurvedic hair care practices are truly responsible.

Below we will list some of the benefits of adding a henna mud masque treatment to your hair care regimen. Solving issues that have plaqued many of us for generations after the first treatment.

  1. Improve the Health of Your Hair

The first and most prominent difference henna will make to your hair is to make it  healthier and appear fuller. When henna is applied to the hair, it adheres to and coats the hair strands pushing the cuticle scales back into place. The hair will be shinier and generally look and feel more pleasing to the touch. Henna works to make hair healthier by restoring what’s called the “acid-alkaline  balance” in your scalp. This balance is crucial for naturally growing, dark, and  strengthened hair. By treating your hair with henna, say twice a month, you  will see instant and cumulative differences in the volume and glossiness of your hair.  Dramatically improving the look of thirsty, frizzy, stressed out strands.

  1. Condition Your Hair

In addition to making your hair healthier and appear more voluminous, henna will help condition your hair and every treatment will push your cuticle health to a balanced porosity. The porosity of  your hair is a key factor in your hair’s ability to retain moisture. Most of us are struggling with low or high porosity cuticles that both result in dry fragile hair. The  henna extract helps build a protective layer over your strands which acts as a protective  shield and safeguard against any damage – naturally.  

Henna is also a natural cure for those scalps that suffer with dandruff. You’ll see the  difference in only a few days as well.

  1. Cover and Eliminate Grey Hair

Although henna is mostly used for strengthening and conditioning hair, it’s also a great  choice if you want to cover greying hair, so that your head of hair looks younger and healthier.  Henna contains a natural red coloring component, called lawsone. When henna colors hair,  the henna paste coats the hair shaft and lawsone gradually migrates from the henna into the hair shaft through gaps in the cuticle, then binds with keratin and strengthens the  cuticle. This results in naturally colored hair without any harsh or damaging chemicals, which  can be found in many haircare products which claim to naturally cover greys. When Indigo, another natural ayurvedic plant, is added to a henna paste, it turns the lawsone from its natural red hue to a brown or black hue.

  1. Strengthen Your Hair Against Breakage on Hair Shaft

Henna helps your hair build resistance to everyday-damage by adhereing to the cuticle, the protective layer of  your hair, strengthening it, treatment after treatment, through a series of natural chemical reactions. Adding henna to your hair can definitely improve it, but adopting new hair care practces in conjunction with this healing ingredient will improve the health of  your hair and the quality of your life. Brushing, combing, blowdrying and styling your hair are all hair care practices that cause excessive breakage but this is nothing to be stressed about, especially when you can use henna to help protect your hair from routines.

Coily hair is proven to be more sensitive to breakage on th shaft because the shaft is very vulnerable at every point it twists, meaning the cuticle must be fortified regularly. Most coily girls and Curlfriends call themselves #productjunkies because they are on a product quest to find something to attach and coat their strands. Henna does this -naturally.

  1. Reduce Shedding from Scalp

As women and men age, “hair fall” becomes more natural and harder to prevent.  However, henna can help you prevent excessive hair fall – naturally. Many of the properties  of henna helps your scalp pH balance itself out, which keeps hair in your head for longer  periods of time, and helps your natural hair build up more resistance to falling out of your  scalp.

Not only this, but henna has also been used to control excess sebum production and  unclog pores in your scalp, meaning the skin on your head will also be healthier after a few  treatments of this amazing natural phenomenon. Keep your hair and scalp healthy by  doing a Four Naturals Treatment every two weeks or once a month and watch your hair thrive.  

  1. Get Curls that Clump and Define

And don’t forget the curl pattern! Henna encourages strands to clump. Clumping is what  gives curl definition. 4C hair strands have a curl pattern when you look at strands  individually. However, because these strands do not easily clump or stick together, curl definition isn’t normally discernible. Naturally, henna absorbs onto the strand and  gives a protective coating, that coating gives the hair the extra weight; weight you’ve  been trying to create with multiple styling products resulting in more buildup than  anything.  This weight helps define the everlooping coil of individual strands and have enough charge to get the other strands to coil and clump together.

Henna Warnings

Now that you’ve been educated on the benefits of henna, now a few warnings. If you do a youtube search you will find that many naturals LOVE henna mud masques, and create their own. And there are many who use henna with a disaster result. The variety of negative experiences include hair became dry and brittle, or they experienced no difference in their hair at all. If they shared their ingredients and process, a few common mistakes were made:

  • Only mixed with water
  • Did not follow up with a deep conditioning treatment
  • Poor quality henna or henna that contains chemical salts and accelerants
  • Incorrect amount or wrong kind of humectants added to henna

If you choose to create your own henna mud masque treatment at home, be sure to use henna that is natural and does not contain chemical salts and is meant for hair use, always deep condition your hair after the henna treatment, and be sure to add the right kind of humectants to your henna mud masque to ensure a successful treatment.

Four Naturals Treatment and More Henna Information…

The Four Naturals Treatment is a 4 step process that includes a patent pending henna mud masque. Now that you know the power of henna, adding a Four Naturals Treatment to your hair  care routine once a week or twice a month will have you singing “Bye, bye, bye” to unsightly  damage forever. The Four Naturals Henna Mud Masque is all-natural and available in sun kissed brown and is a great alternative to box dye’s and expensive salon visits. Users experience their grey hair’s as golden or deep brown streaks; others reported their curls are strong and coily and so much more.


Learn more about the patent pending Four Naturals Treatment here


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