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The Only Type 4 Hair Treatment You Need

The complete Four Naturals Hair treatment is the only hair treatment you need for type 4 hair. Why? Because it delivers solutions to your chronic and complex hair problems. Want to know your real hair type? Want to balance your porosity? Want to reverse heat damage? You can have it all with this treatment! It combines hair science and plant magic so that you can grow healthy, beautiful natural hair permanently and progressively. Welcome to your new hair care staples! No silicones, No Parabens, or Artificial Colors.

Google Reviews

"Best hair care service of my life. Every natural needs to experince this service. Shalita, Rose, and Ali are such a great team. Shalita is a God sent. She is so patient and big about healing the stigma that surrounds our hair. My hair needed extra time, love, and care but the team embraced it and didn’t run away. Try this service. It will change your life!!"

Jasmine Akakpo

"Sitting here at Four Naturals Hair and Spa and I'm so astonished how they treated my hair with such care and love. From washing to conditioning and combing out my hair they were so gentle and I could tell they care about my hair. I received the Henna all natural Treatment and when I tell you it is the best. It has no chemicals, that means no burning no thinning at all. My hair feels soft and strong it looks longer too. I would recommend this salon to anyone looking to grow their natural hair. The Henna treatment is amazing and I feel relieved that I came and tried this new product by Shelita. The owner and staff were welcoming and loving. So yes, five stars for me if I could give more I would. Thank you at Four Naturals Hair Spa for taking such good care of my hair. Becca"

Melodic Becca Taylor

"My experience at the Four Naturals Hair spa is unlike any salon experience I’ve ever had! It has completely changed my relationship not only with my hair, but also the salon experience itself. I’ve never felt like a spa was geared towards me - or like they would have the proper products to really improve my hair, until I discovered Four Naturals. Not only is the space inviting and celebration of our heritage and hair, but the Four Naturals process itself is a soothing transformation. I also love that while the treatment is processing you have the opportunity to leave the spa and take care of errands! At the end of each treatment I’m always SHOOK by the strength, shine, bounce and beauty of my hair.

This process is absolutely one of the best things I’ve done for myself, and now that all this Glory is growing out of my head you REALLY CANT TELL ME NOTHING haha!"

Lauryn Ford

"If you are looking for a truly physical luxurious natural hair salon experience, this is the place!! THEY REALLY RESPECT YOUR HAIR! No rough combing and ripping through your hair. No stylist complaining about how thick my is or it’s condition. They prefer your to come with your hair UNWASHED! (Yea I said it.. I know unreal) They are actually knowledgeable about 4 type hair and was able to analyze my hair and gave me amazing tips on how to better take care of my hair.

I saw results immediately after my first henna treatment. I had NEVER seen my hair with curl definition. 🤯 I was so shook!!!! (I have very thick 4C hair) My hair is so much more manageable now. My wash days are down to a fraction of the time. 🙌🏾When I sleek my hair down for a ponytail or bun I don’t have to work my hair in sections! 🤩 I felt so free when working out in the gym. My hair Actually has movement! This experience truly changed my natural hair journey in more amazing ways than one! I high recommend it!!"

Raina Foster

"Had my 1st treatment and I already can not wait for my next! From start to finish Shalita took great care of my thick coily hair. It’s the first salon ever that left a fantastic impression on me and I’ve been to many. Having knowledge of hair science is a plus for me and getting my curls to TRULY define and shine was icing on the cake. If you’re in the LA area make sure you book your appt. It’s the spa for your hair!"

Empress S

"I loved my spa experience. Impeccable service. My curls were defined after just one visit. As a woman with course and kinky, I had no idea my natural curls could be so defined. I can’t wait to see how my hair responds to the second treatment."

Kelli Jordan

"The Henna hair spa experience has changed the relationship between me and my hair! From the moment the detangling process started, I knew something BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING was happening! I had my first treatment before I went to Hawaii and it was the perfect thing for me. I went from swimming in the ocean to dinner at Mamas Fish house in less than 30 minutes! Wash and Go is and understatement! No fussing over hair at all! Hella fine the whole time 😂😂😁 ! My hair is fuller, longer and stronger! I swear I believe the treatment has instant results that keep on giving! Just treat yourself! We ALL DESERVE It!"

Keasha Smith