Replace Hair Relaxers with The Four Naturals Treatment

With names like Soft and Beautiful, Motions, Dark and Lovely, the effects of hair relaxers on textured hair are anything but. Most black women have used a hair relaxer at some point in their hair journey. In fact, hair relaxers are the most common choice for black women to wear their natural hair straight. However, hair relaxers, both lye and no-lye, have been proven dangerous for both the hair and health. And yet, hair relaxers and other chemical straighteners are the only options for making unruly textured hair straight and manageable.

Relaxers are not the way to go.

And despite the manageability and styling versatility benefits - Relaxers are not the way to go! Over time, relaxers cause your hair to become thin and even more fragile than it was before the relaxers. Not to mention the breakage and hair loss that follows the thinning and fragility. There's a reason most black women who frequently relax their hair sport shorter styles. Your natural hair needs a natural solution to the complex and chronic issues that come with naturally textured hair. The Four Naturals Treatment uses herbs and plant-based ingredients to “relax” your hair without chemicals or other harsh ingredients that can damage your precious locks.

Why you should never relax your hair with a chemical treatment again.

Aside from the eventual deterioration of your hair and scalp, hair relaxers have been linked to severe health issues like cancer. A recent study found evidence that heavy use of hair relaxers may be associated with an increased risk of uterine and breast cancer. In addition, frequent exposure to the chemicals responsible for “straightening” and “smoothing” the hair, sodium, and calcium hydroxide can be hazardous to your overall health, potentially affecting your hormones. “Frequent exposure” is determined as four times a year - which puts you at two times the risk for severe health problems. Exposing yourself to harmful chemicals in hopes that it’ll make your life with your hair more manageable should not be a choice you have to make. I can tell you with certainty that relaxing is not worth it--not only for yourself but also for those who love you.

Why henna is the best option for “relaxing” natural hair

If you have tightly textured hair and want manageability and the ability to do thermal styling like flat-ironing, but you also want stronger hair, shiny hair, and, gasp, curl definition, you’re looking for henna! The people of India have used henna to care for their hair for centuries. It is a huge factor in why the people of India have such a renowned hair reputation. Henna is the only natural option for thicker, stronger, shinier, defined locks and even grey hair coverage. This is because the henna plant, henna Lawsonia, has a high ‘cationic’ or positive charge, which makes it possible to remain on your negatively-charged hair after rinsing, revealing thicker, stronger, softer, defined locks.

The reason relaxers and other chemical hair straighteners are terrible for the hair over time is that the chemicals strip your cuticle layer and break down your keratin and disulfide bonds, causing the hair to be weak and limp. Henna does the opposite - it coats the cuticle layer adding protection, strength, and moisture-retaining matter, plants, that cause the hair to be softer, stronger, and more manageable. Best of all, henna-treated natural hair is a dream to thermal style because you need minimal product to see shine and the protective layer of henna protects the hair from irreparable thermal damage.

Four Naturals Treatment is a great alternative to relaxers.

The Four Naturals Treatment is a great alternative to relaxers. Plants are better for the hair, and if you’re worried about efficacy, the plant power in the Four Naturals treatment is powerful! Henna, cassia obovata and slippery elm naturaly make stiff, chronically dry afro-textured or type 4 hair soft and truly lovely. The henna and indigo combination add a rich tone to the hair and reveals gorgeous coily curls! The Four Naturals Treatment is safer for you and it’s impossible to “over-treat” your hair or burn your scalp because it does not contain harsh chemicals. And unlike relaxers, the Four Naturals Treatment is progressive, meaning your hair gets visibly better after every treatment - no matter your treatment frequency.

Plus, the Four Naturals Treatment is gentle enough to be used on your chemically treated hair, and powerful enough to strengthen and repair some of the damage done by chemical relaxers and other straighteners. With Four Naturals, you can wear your hair in defined coils or flat ironed straight. And because you can color your hair with the Four Naturals treatment, there are zero limits to what you can do!


Soft, beautiful, strong, dark and lovely hair is possible without harsh chemicals. If you are considering getting a relaxer to improve your hair manageability, need a touch-up, or seeking alternatives to chemical services - the Four Naturals Treatment is for you! If you want more
information about how to get started with this treatment or any other natural options, check out more of the blogs and videos on our website, or email us at [email protected] for more specific questions.