Conquer Your Hair Growth Plateau and Unlock Growth Retention

We all know that natural hair growth plateaus can be frustrating and confusing. Have you ever found yourself discouraged, saying, “Why doesn’t my hair grow past [X point]”? The good news is that your hair can grow longer; the key is understanding how to retain that growth. In 2019, I stumbled upon a secret ingredient that transformed my hair, and today, I’m excited to share it with you. Let’s explore the science behind hair growth and how to get past a hair growth plateau!


Understanding Natural Hair Growth 


Hair growth is a process that begins at the root, but retaining that growth is all about the ends. Hair goes through cycles, and once a strand completes its growth phase, it is pushed out of the follicle, leading to shedding. On average, hair grows at a rate of about half an inch per month – regardless of your ethnicity. When you experience a natural hair “growth plateau,” it doesn’t mean your hair isn’t growing; it’s likely breaking at the same rate it’s growing.


While many growth oils claim miraculous results, the only FDA-approved drug for hair growth is minoxidil. Other oils, much like yoga or a leisurely walk, won’t significantly boost hair growth. To stimulate growth at the scalp, consider the combination therapy of microneedling and minoxidil. Avoid falling for cheap and ineffective remedies if you want to solve your natural hair growth plateau.

Growth Retention Breaks Growth Plateaus


Preventing hair breakage is the key to overcoming growth plateaus. Common causes of breakage include dry, brittle hair, often resulting from extreme porosity levels. Despite using protective bonnets, brittle hair can break during routine activities such as touching, detangling, or even sleeping. Elasticity, provided by proper moisture, allows the weakest part of the hair, the ends, to bend rather than break. 


Enter: The Four Naturals Treatment – a game-changer for longer, healthier hair. What sets this treatment apart is the inclusion of an Ayurvedic plant called Henna. Henna naturally coats hair, making it stronger, softer, and more elastic. Elasticity is crucial in preventing hair from snapping and breaking. However, henna alone can have the opposite effect. That’s why the Four Naturals Henna Mud Masque also contains humectants, facilitating a productive attachment to your strands. Notably, the henna used is free from chemical additives, ensuring compatibility with chemically treated hair. Bye bye, growth plateaus!

The Four Naturals Treatment


The secret to breaking through growth plateaus lies in the Four Naturals Treatment. The star ingredient, Henna, offers natural protection and strength to your hair. It’s a solution that supports growth (by improving scalp conditions) and ensures your hair retains its length. The humectants in the masque enhance the effectiveness of Henna, preventing breakage and providing the elasticity your hair needs.


If you have questions about the Four Naturals Treatment and how it can help you overcome your growth plateau, drop them in the comments section. We’re here to provide detailed information and support you on your hair journey. Say goodbye to those frustrating growth plateaus and hello to longer, healthier locks!


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