Conditioner & Hair Mask PackageConditioner & Hair Mask Package

The Four Naturals Treatment


Four Naturals is the first natural, plant-based treatment designed exclusively for the care of Type 4 hair. This is more like a hair spa treatment – it’s designed to care for Type 4 hair. The Four Naturals Treatment will be the new staple in your hair care regimen.


The complete Four Naturals Hair treatment, is the only hair treatment you need for type 4 hair. Combining the henna mud masque and the best Cassia conditioner is the foundation for healthy type 4 hair care. Grow healthy, beautiful natural hair with a plant-based type 4 hair treatment designed to combat complex and chronic natural hair issues progressively treatment after treatment. Say goodbye to high and low porosity hair, lack of curl definition and shine, thermal damage and so much more! No silicones, No Parabens, or Artificial Colors

Cassia Deep Conditioner

This isn’t your standard deep conditioning treatment. The active ingredient, Cassia Obovata, is 100% natural and a centuries-old hair care secret weapon in the Indian Culture. This ayurvedic herb naturally conditions all textures of hair, adding luster, shine, and supple definition. It can also improve scalp condition and eliminate dandruff. This incredible natural ingredient can remain in the hair for up to 2 weeks, giving your hair a boost of weight and shine for a happy, healthy mane.

The Four Naturals Cassia Deep Conditioner is the best deep conditioner for type 4 hair because of its active plant-based properties. Normally, type 4 hair deep conditioning includes letting an over-the-counter deep conditioner or masque sit on the hair for minutes to hours. The belief behind this practice is that the longer a conditioner or masque sits on the hair, the better the hair will be after rinsing because the masque will remain in the hair. However, the reality is as soon as the masque or conditioner is rinsed out the hair goes right back to what it usually does. That isn’t the case with the Four Naturals Cassia Deep Conditioner!


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