Hair Depression And The Four Naturals Treatment Solution

Have you ever felt down because of your hair? Maybe you’re not alone. Have you heard of Hair Depression? Hair depression is when you feel overwhelmingly sad or stressed about your hair and the way it looks. It shouldn’t be a surprise, but depression has also been linked to hair loss, which is even more, well, depressing.  The other unique hair depression fact: the link between Black hair and mental health.

Let’s discuss the hair depression experience, why Black Women are especially susceptible, and how the Four Naturals Treatment can be a healing remedy. 

Is Hair Depression Real?


The short answer: absolutely! Hair plays a significant role in how society views you, and for Black Americans, our hair has historically and presently been a cause for dismissal from jobs and schools; an object of ridicule; and because it can be fragile, hair loss is common but deeply embarrassing. 


“In many ways, my hair and how I feel about myself are linked, whether I want it to be or not,” said Makalah Hampton, University Relations Specialist. “When I don’t like my hair, it can truly take a toll on my wanting to go out and be seen by others. If I do decide to go out still, there is this overwhelming feeling that people are staring at me, even though that is likely not the case, but it makes me self-conscious about myself and limits my ability to just live in the moment.”


Feeling sad or stressed about your hair is just one part of hair depression. It can also make you feel angry, embarrassed, or less confident. You might even avoid socializing or not do as well at work or school.


So, yes, hair depression is a real thing, and it’s complicated.


Black Hair and Mental Health: Why Do Black Women Struggle More?


One big reason is that society’s expectations of how we style our hair don’t always match what’s best for it. For years, Black women were told to straighten our hair, which can damage it over time. When our hair gets damaged, it can be really hard to fix. Plus, seeing old pictures where our hair looked better is depressing and discouraging.

Taking care of Black hair can be a lot of work, too. It takes time and money to keep it healthy and looking good. But sometimes, no matter what we do, our hair doesn’t turn out how we want it to. Most Black women want the same thing, but it’s hard for us to achieve: to set and keep a hair routine, curl definition, moisture retention, and high manageability.  Consistently failing our hair needs and expectations can make us lose hope.

Enter Four Naturals Treatment: A Solution for Hair Depression


If feeling hopeless can make hair depression worse, then finding a way to improve your hair might help you feel better. That’s where the Four Naturals Treatment comes in! When you use the Four Naturals Treatment, you’ll notice your hair getting softer and easier to style. You’ll also see less hair shedding, and every treatment you do makes your hair feel stronger and thicker. Plus, it helps your hair hold onto moisture better, so your curls look great.


But what if you prefer to wear your hair straight? The Four Naturals Treatment has you covered! It includes henna, which coats your hair and protects it from heat damage. Also, chemical hair dyes can damage textured hair, and the Four Naturals Treatment can strengthen this hair too!


Whether you want to wear your hair curly or straight, the Four Naturals Treatment is a natural, easy way to make it healthier and happier. You deserve to feel good about your hair; Four Naturals can help you achieve that!