How Do You Keep Type 4 Hair Moisturized?

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Dyed Type 4 hair after one Four Naturals Treatment – Balanced porosity achieved!

Mastering how to keep Type 4 hair moisturized can feel like cracking a secret code. If you have kinky or coily hair, you know the struggle of keeping it properly moisturized is endless and complicated. Type 4 hair, with its naturally dry and spongy texture, requires extra care to maintain hydration. 

The coil pattern makes it challenging for moisture to penetrate, leaving your hair feeling parched. But with the right knowledge and techniques, you can transform your hair care routine and reclaim moisture for your beautiful curls.

Get ready to say goodbye to dryness and hello to a head full of vibrant, nourished curls with these 4 tips!

DIY Porosity Playbook

When it comes to keeping your Type 4 hair moisturized, understanding your hair’s porosity is the first step to success. Once you know if your issue is high or low porosity, with a few simple techniques and ingredients, you can create homemade hair treatments tailored to your hair’s unique porosity needs. Low porosity tends to be more oily, so it’s important to clarify often. High porosity is porous so proteins go a long way! Discover the power of natural ingredients like Cassia Obovata and Slippery Elm Bark – they work wonders in replenishing moisture, enhancing elasticity, and promoting a healthier hair cuticle. 

Want to know your porosity? Read our blog “Cracking The Code: Why Is My Natural Hair So Dry?” to learn how! 

Join The Supple Scalp Club

A supple scalp is the secret behind vibrant, moisturized curls. Due to the zig-zag pattern of type 4 hair, it’s difficult for moisture to reach the entire strand. Adjust your hair routines to include regular scalp massages, moisture sessions, scalp serums, and exfoliation – then say goodbye to dryness, itchiness, and flakes. You must maintain a supple nourished scalp to enjoy supple healthy gorgeous type 4 hair. Just adding one or two extra scalp moisture sessions a week could work wonders!

Here are some more great tips for a supple scalp!

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Stay Hydrated


Keeping your Type 4 hair hydrated involves more than just external care. Hydration starts from within.  So it’s important to be drinking enough water to keep your body and hair hydrated. Additionally, spritzing your type 4 hair every couple of days with a water-based moisturizer or your own DIY spray using water and essential oils makes a huge difference in your hair’s moisture.  Although it’s normal for us with type 4 hair to not wet our hair for weeks – this is contributing to chronic dry hair!  Embrace regular rehydration to increase your moisture retention!

Balanced Your Porosity


Achieving balanced moisture is the key to keeping your Type 4 hair hydrated and nourished. Balanced moisture means your hair’s cuticle accepts water and moisturization quickly and remains moisturized. The truth is, even if you use all the tips above you may still have unhealthy or too high/low porosity. But the great news is: It’s absolutely possible to change your hair’s porosity!  The Four Naturals Treatment contains humectants and active plant ingredients that pack a lot of power to alter your unbalanced porosity to balanced. Transform hair that is usually fro-like, dry, frizzy, unmanageable, and/or dull in appearance into defined, soft moisturized curls that hang to the ground and blow with the wind with the Four Naturals Treatment!


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