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Things to Add to Your Black Hair Care Routine

Things to Add to Your Black Hair Care Routine

Things to Add to Your Black Hair Care Routine

Do you have chronically dry natural hair? Is breakage an everyday occurrence? Most of the dry hair solutions on offer are pretty much useless, rarely quenching our dry hair thirst. Moisture is vital for healthy hair. Moisturized hair is healthy, flexible hair. When hair is dry, it becomes brittle and fragile. This makes the cuticle—the protective sheath on each strand—less effective. When this occurs, dry hair is more likely to break mid-shaft from something as simple as combing the hair, or even turning your head on your pillow! Hard water, chlorinated pools, frequent sun exposure, hair dye, and any chemical curling or straightening treatments can also weaken your strands. 

Your cuticle therefore needs help to prevent breakage!

The 5 Things to Add to Your Black Hair Care Routine

Here are the five things to add to your black hair care routine, according to Four Naturals Hair, a patent-pending treatment product line dedicated to healing common black hair care problems.

Detangling Brush

What you use to detangle your haircut matters! And most of us are used to the corner of our tub covered in handfuls of broken and shed coil hair after one wash day detangling session. It doesn’t have to be this way. Wide-tooth combs don’t make our Afro textured hair tangle-free, and finger-combing, while gentle isn’t effective. Four Naturals suggest a low-cost and widely available Tangle Tamer (going for just $7 at Sally’s Beauty). The Tangle Tamer coupled with a good pre-poo mixture full of slip (we’ll get to that later) is the basis of the patent-pending Four Naturals Detangling Method, the first step-by-step guide to gently, efficiently detangle afro textured hair without pain and excessive hair breakage. Learn how to do this here–tender-heads are definitely welcome!

Olive Oil

Now you’re probably thinking, “…What in the Rachel Ray?” Before you click off this page, allow us to explain. Long before we were using EVOO to cook up everything in our kitchen, olive oil has been used by many cultures for centuries as a hair care oil. And for those of us with naturally coil locks, it’s a must! When used in conjunction with water, and a deep conditioner, the addition of olive oil will give your hair all the ‘slip’ it needs to bend and not break during a detangling session. You see, besides the detangling tool, a lack of slip is the other reason you end up with clumps of broken hair after even the gentlest of detangling sessions. Olive oil helps your detangling brush glide through your hair and at the same time the chemical structure of olive oil helps your strands stand strong with its lubrication. Best of all, olive oil rinses out with a little shampoo. Why not give the patent-pending detangling method a try the next time you detangle your locks?

Cassia Obovata

The science of ingredients is just as important as the ingredient itself, right? So let me ask you a question: When you sit with a deep conditioner on your hair, what are you expecting to happen after you rinse? If your expectation is that your hair will retain whatever you had on your hair because you let it sit for an extended period, you’d be wrong. In order for an ingredient to stick to your hair after rinsing, it has to have what is called a “cationic” or positive charge. As you know, opposites attract, and we need ingredients with a positive charge to stick to our negatively charged hair strands. Cassia obovata is a plant that has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic hair care in India. Cassia is known to stick to the hair for some time, making the strands shinier improving moisture retention and strength. Simply mixing a few teaspoons of cassia obovata with your moisturizing treatment will give you more of the results you’re looking for after sitting with oil/conditioner or even Aloe Vera on your hair for hours.

Protein-Based Ingredients

We all hear about dry hair in the type 4 hair community all the time. But what if your hair is a little too moisture-prone? Protein-based ingredients are essential if you want to fortify your strands. Henna, a natural protein treatment, will help rebuild your hair strands, but the strength of these products and the degree of hair damage will determine how often you’ll use them. If used incorrectly, protein conditioning can make your hair break or feel dry. So, no matter what, always follow up your protein treatments with a deep conditioner!

Leave-in Conditioner

A leave-in conditioner is an optional component of your hair care routine, but it is a must if you want to maintain healthy hair. A leave-in conditioner can help you detangle your hair after shampooing and conditioning. And while there are many different types of leave-in conditioners, not all types are good for your hair and what it needs. Think of leave-in conditioners like you do serums in skin care. Sometimes your skin’s condition becomes oily or dry or acne-prone and different serums help balance that. Leave-in conditioners are the same. Some are oil-based while others are water-based. The porosity of your hair will determine what will work best on your strands. You can learn your porosity by doing the water strand test.


At Four Naturals, we know that changing your detangling brush; adding olive oil, cassia obovata and protein-rich ingredients; and using the right leave-in conditioner is all you need to improve your type 4 hair care routine to help moisturize it and avoid breakage, because good hair is on your head, not on the floor!

Four Naturals Hair Can Assist

Four Naturals Hair can help you maintain your type 4 hair by keeping it moisturized and free from breakage so you can continue to look like your natural self and bring out the beauty in you!


Learn more about the Four Naturals Treatment here at, buy the Four Naturals Treatment here at and join our community to register for one of our monthly virtual classes (two per month) to get help and answer your specific hair questions, or email us at to help us better understand your needs and find the best solution for you.

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