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Natural Hair Myths

Natural Hair Myths

People have a lot of opinions and beliefs about Natural hair: it’s hard to manage, it isn’t professional and so much more. However, most of these beliefs are merely myths based on misconception, lack of information and hate.  Four Naturals Hair was created to dispel the myths about natural hair, with one patent-pending hair care treatment helping black women all over the country not only love their natural hair in its natural state but thrive.

Top 5 Natural Hair Myths

Here are the top five natural hair myths and how Four Naturals reveals the truth, naturally:

Natural Hair Can’t Grow Long

People often think that black women’s natural hair can’t grow long, but that’s a huge myth! Natural hair can grow very long if it’s well taken care of and that care requires understanding your hair on a scientific level. Due to the lack of education on textured hair in the cosmetology field, the responsibility of hair care has always fallen on the individual with a hair pattern above a Type 2! Learning your hair’s porosity is vital to natural hair retention and the Four Naturals treatment not only balances the hair’s porosity, but a treatment regimen ensures incredible curl definition, dramatically reduced wash day times and jaw dropping length retention.

Shrinkage Equals Short Hair

Have you seen those viral #shrinkage videos where people with type 4 hair pull their strands to a shockingly long length? Well, those bust the myth that a short form is not synonymous with short hair! Shrinkage literally means “appearing shorter than it is” so never underestimate a black woman’s length just because you see it in its natural state! However, most naturals want to combat their shrinkage which is totally understandable : who wouldn’t want to flaunt lengthy curls if they have it! The active ingredient in the powerful patent-pending plant based Four Naturals treatment is Henna. Henna naturally binds to the strand, coating the cuticles and revealing your perfect type 4 coil curl pattern. Because of the extra weight and cortex course-correction, natural hair doesn’t form out or dry standing straight up. Instead, the henna coated strands attract each other into clumps and hang with gravity when dry!

Using Relaxer Means Self-Hate

Some people erroneously believe that black women don’t wear their natural hair because they hate themselves, but that’s very wrong and ignores the complexities of life as a black person with type 4 hair. While a Natural hair journey has empowered many black people, for some people a natural hair routine can be stressful. There may be time constraints, lack of ability and various other factors like job or school requirements with restrictive hair policies that can force a woman to look for alternatives like a relaxer to make their natural hair manageable for them. 

Hair management may be at the top of the list for why a black person may choose a relaxer, but growing healthy relaxed hair is incredibly challenging. Because the active chemicals in relaxers create holes in the cuticle layer of the hair and strip the cortex of the curl bonds, relaxed hair is easily very fragile and appears much thinner. And that thinning process is accelerated if relaxed hair is ‘over-treated’. For those who use a relaxer they’ll be relieved to know that the Four Naturals Treatment can help them too! Henna does the opposite of a relaxer: It coats and seals the cuticle and treating your hair over and over with henna will make it appear and feel thicker and stronger.  Adding the Four Naturals treatment to your relaxer schedule and ensuring that your relaxer touch-ups are primarily performed on the new growth, you’ll be happy to see lengthy, shiny, relaxed hair – powered by henna, cassia obovata and slippery elm. All plants, all powerful.

Natural Hair Isn’t Professional Hair

Ever heard of ‘hair discrimination’? That’s what happens when black people are denied employment and educational opportunities because of hair texture or protective hairstyles. It looks like the little boy expelled from school for having dreadlocks, or a fast food worker being fired for braids. One of the most common, and hateful, natural hair myths people believe is that natural hair looks messy or unkempt. Because natural hair isn’t smooth or slicked down doesn’t mean it’s messy. Thanks to the proponents of the Crown Act in America, many states are adopting the Crown act to stop race-based hair discrimination. Find out more about this legislation here. For those who get to wear and embrace their natural manes, the Four Naturals treatment streamlines all of the hair care bugaboos that come with having type 4 hair. Dryness, hard brittle hair and inconsistent curl pattern doesn’t have to be a type 4 hair fact of life. The Four Step 2 product treatment solves all those problems and more. 

Black Women’s Hair and Water Don’t Mix

Whether you’re a a type 2C to type 4C, if your hair turns to and from after water – humidity, rain, pool parties and beach days are actually your arch nemesis! And it’s really because of what our hair does after the water. Because our fragile strands don’t clump into curls easily and it dries standing straight out and up. So most naturals use several products in their hair to “weigh” the hair down and then they twist it. Or they heat straighten it or wear wigs. All of these methods take a lot of time and money, so if it rains or it’s humid, it takes seconds for our hair to grow in volume and then come away from each other until it’s eventually a cloud around your head. 


Hair emergencies are a thing of the past with the Four Naturals treatment! Henna is a plant, and plants love water! When your strands are coated with henna, water only adds more weight and moisture to your curls causing them to clump perfectly and hang toward the ground. Best of all, when it dries, it doesn’t leave your strands angel-hair light, no, henna adds structure to your strands so it dries the way it looks wet! With a Four Naturals treatment regimen, all women with type 4 hair will enjoy strong curl definition rain or shine! Check me out in the photo at the beach at the top of this article. I enjoyed the beach for the first time after having about 3 Four Naturals treatments. It was incredible because I didn’t experience any poofing or stiffness in my hair and curls once the ocean water dried. That’s the power of Four Naturals.


Four Naturals Hair Can Assist 

Love your natural hair? Four Naturals Hair can help you maintain it so you can continue to look your natural self and bring out the beauty in you. No matter what hair choices you make!

Learn more about the Four Naturals treatment here at, buy the Four Naturals treatment here at and join our community to register for one of our monthly virtual classes (two per month) to get help and answer your specific hair questions, or email us at to help us better understand your needs and find the best solution for you.

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