Natural Black Hair Care Tips

A woman's treasured asset is usually her hair, but an unkempt hairstyle can make a woman look untidy and be a big turn-off. That's why it's necessary for you, as a woman, to take good care of your hair to help protect it from damage, improve its appearance and condition, and enhance your beauty.


The Top 5 Natural Black Hair Care Tips 

Here are the top five natural black hair care tips you should know: 

Wash Your Hair Weekly

Washing your hair weekly is one of the best natural black hair care tips you should try today. Wash your hair once a week or more if you can. Washing it more frequently is highly recommended because it'll help remove care products and sebum on your hair and dry out your scalp and hair. Washing it more often can also help if you're dealing with some scalp conditions like dandruff. 

Use a Conditioner 

Always use a conditioner after washing your hair because it'll help to improve its condition. When you apply the conditioner, make sure you use it to coat the ends of your hair. This will stop the ends, which are more fragile than other parts of your hair, from breaking.

Try Deep Conditioning

Using just a conditioner to care for your hair isn't enough. You can notch up your hair care efforts by applying a deep conditioner or oil treatment once a month, but twice is even better. This will help moisturize your hair. If you want to use a natural oil, be sure to choose one that melts at body temperature, so you don't need to heat the oil. 

Comb Your Hair While It's Wet

Comb your hair while it's still wet. It's better this way because curly hair can tangle and break easily when it's dry. For a better experience, use a moisturizer on your hair while it's still wet, divide it into sections, and use a wide-toothed or detangling comb to comb each section. If your hair is already dry, you spray water on it to dampen it. 

Reduce Friction During Sleep

Friction can rub and damage your hair. Some fabrics can absorb moisture from your hair and scalp and also cause considerable damage to your hair. For these reasons, it's therefore highly necessary that you take some steps to avoid these issues and protect your hair as much as you can. You can do this by removing tight hand bands or using a smooth hair wrap before going to bed. Also, get a satin or silk pillowcase if you can.


If you want to maintain your hair, follow these top five natural black hair care tips: wash your hair weekly, use a conditioner, try a deep conditioner, comb it while it's wet, and reduce friction during sleep. Otherwise, your hair may become damaged easily. 

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