Four Naturals

An Ayurvedic treatment that enhances natural hair.

How it works



Patent- Pending

Patent- Pending Pre-Poo
and Detangling Technique

Tender-headed? Can never thoroughly detangle your strands?
Worse, losing clumps of hair every detangling session? This simple
patent-pending detangling method is for you! 4 easy steps; W.D.O.T.
will be an acronym you use to save your scalp and unnecessary hair
breakage and shedding.
Watch this tutorial to learn more!


Patent- Pending

Patent- Pending Henna Mud

The cornerstone of the Four Naturals Treatment, this revolutionary henna mud
masque can reduce overall shedding, strengthen and improve curl patterns, cover
grey hair, and solve porosity issues. In addition, this treatment is cumulative. This
means that the henna adheres to your strands and the previously deposited
henna after every use; this gives your hair a thicker appearance and increases its
strength and flexibility. A hair-salon-treatment-in-a-jar-that-you-have-at-home
means you’ll never have to make a salon appointment to enjoy good healthy
hair again.
Watch this tutorial to learn more!


Deep Conditioning

Cassia Deep Conditioning

Have you ever heard a Curlfriend say previous henna treatments left their hair stiff and brittle? Well, it’s more than likely they skipped the necessary deep conditioning step after a henna treatment. Fortified with Cassia Obovata and Slippery Elm, the Four Naturals Cassia Deep Conditioner is the creme de la creme of deep conditioners. Watch this tutorial for a shortcut on the Four Naturals Treatment four steps.

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Wash n Go

Four Naturals Wash n Go

Welcome to your new and carefree hair styling routine! Curlfriends, watch this tutorial to learn how to unleash your new effortless natural curls. With only three products and your Tangle Tamer, create clumpy, effortless, defined curls. Your New Hair Care Regimen * Would you believe that regularly using two plant-based products and mastering four steps would take your textured hair journey from drab and discouraging to fab and flourishing? Well, believe it! The Four Naturals Methods, patent-pending mud masque, and Cassia deep conditioner will free you from the tyranny of caring for textured hair.


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