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Benefits of Caring for Natural Hair

Why Is It Important for Black Women to Care for Their Hair?

Benefits of Caring for Natural Hair

Hey Curlfriend! Caring for our afro textured hair every day can be time consuming, confusing, and frustrating, And for those reasons, a lot of us choose to wear our natural hair braided up and tucked away in one of the many protective styles available: wigs, sewn-in extensions, ponytails, braids or mini twists. While this is a great remedy for the short term, in the long run our natural hair can become thin, fragile from weeks or months without moisture, and can eventually suffer hair loss on the scalp. Proper maintenance of our tight natural coily hair is an integral part of our appearance – no matter what hair styles we choose. The Four Naturals mission is to simplify caring for type 4 or afro textured hair with plant based ayurvedic solutions; solving age old problems like shedding, dryness, and lack of curl definition. 



Braids, wigs and extensions are all in the “protective style” category, however after weeks of wearing any one of these styles, the shedding and breakage afterwards will make you challenge the idea you had any protection at all! The key to getting the most out of these times of ‘putting your hair up’ is treating your natural hair before and after these styles are installed. Protein and moisture are the key ingredients to healthy hair. This combo will help you retain elasticity and increase the tinsel strength and moisture for your hair. Scalp care in these protective styles is also vital. Be sure to moisturize your scalp with water and/or an oil like Almond oil or sunflower oil every two to three days to soothe and moisturize the scalp. Adding Cedarwood oil to your protective style scalp regimen will stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth. Incorporating a scalp care routine, protein and moisture rich treatment coupled with an anti-breakage detangling method before and after a protective style period, you’ll enjoy the benefits of all those weeks- or months of new growth! 


A bad hair day is synonymous with a Bad Day. When your hair is not on point or a down right disaster, it’s hard to focus on work, school or relationships.  And if you’re experiencing hair loss of any kind, that can be incredibly stressful, making you feel embarrassed and insecure or even ashamed of having this experience. Taking care of your natural hair is crucial because you only get one scalp, so the hair growing on your head deserves as much attention as the hair you use to cover it. Spending a day treating your natural hair contributes to your self care and overall well being.


“I feel that the kinks, curls, or tight coils in Afro hair is beautiful and unique. No other race on this planet has hair like ours – that makes me proud,” (Monica Millner, author “Natural and Free: Journey to Natural Beauty.”) Attractive or “good hair” really comes down to health and not hair pattern. Wouldn’t you rather have defined moisturized bouncy type 4C coils than dull, thin, frizzy jagged straight hair? One, an absolute crown, the other, showing parts of your scalp and the “family forehead”?  Investing in your natural locks is vital because good hair is on your head. Bad hair is on the floor.


Ever been stopped by a stranger complimenting your hair when you didn’t even try? It adds a little umph to your day and is a total boost to your confidence. A well maintained hairstyle, no matter what type, will make you feel confident and positive about yourself. However, when you maintain your natural hair, it’s glorious and healthy – well, that’s like seventh heaven! The only downside? People will want to touch your hair because it looks so good but mother Solange taught us best: #DontTouchMyHair


Over time, weaving and styling and coloring can damage your hair, making it lose its texture and change for the worse over time. But understanding the best care for your type 4 or afro-textured hair will prevent it from damage and make it look and feel healthy. And when you do want to have times when you wear your natural hair out and about, because you cared for your hair and scalp in protective styles, you’ll look and feel amazing – letting your soul glow (lol). When the hair on your head is well cared for, protective styles add to your hair versatility instead of being the only option you have. A black woman’s hair is her symbol of identity. It makes you unique and helps you stand out from the crowd. “Just about everything about a person’s identity could be learned by looking at their hair,” says Lori Tharps, a journalist and co-author of “Hair Story,” a book about the history of black hair. Proper maintenance of your hair will help you maintain your identity, keep it healthy, make you look attractive, imbue confidence in you and help you retain it!



Caring for our natural hair is vital – but we know it’s not easy.  For most of us, it doesn’t matter how well we try to maintain our hair, we still deal with moisture retention issues, lack of curl definition, shedding and fragile hair that will break or change its response to products seemingly at random.  The Four Naturals Treatment was designed to solve those very specific hair problems, with plants! Four Naturals Treatment is a 4 step 2 product treatment, natural ayurvedic active ingredients and ancient hair care practices to help you overcome issues of fragility, shedding, lack of curl definition, and lack of growth retention commonly associated with black women’s hair.

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